Monday, June 4, 2012

The Apple Bear: AAPL Update

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Apple, Inc.

John  Goltermann says Apple (AAPL) has to continually be on the leading edge of technological innovation to sustain its stock price, which is "very, very difficult to do". Apple is currently in between product launches but focus will be on fundamentals and whether the leading edge can be continued.

He also discusses Facebook (FB) and his decision not to invest because of the difficulty of an economic valuation and the sustainability of any ramped up advertising model.

From a value investing standpoint,  Goltermann likes Apache Corp. (APA) and Potash Saskatchewan (POT) and thinks valuations are "extremely low".

Apple Bear: What He's Watching Now

John Goltermann, Obermeyer Asset Management, told investors to stay away when Apple was trading at all time highs. Since then, Apple has retreated from its high of 664. What's he watching now?

The Late Steve Jobs: Apple Co-Founder

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