Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Apple Is Crushing The Competition! (Video) *AAPL rules & crushes!*


Apple in the Spotlight!

Apple All The Way To $350? Apple Crush!

As is already known, Apple owns the mp3 player and music distribution markets, sells sexy computers, and a cool iPhone. Apple has passed Microsoft in market capitalization to be the largest USA tech company and #2 in corporate America, behind #1 Exxon. What will extend Apple's run upwards? Street.com analyst Peter Navarro makes the case for Apple (AAPL) at $350 a share based on its conquering of the eReader, low end HD camcorder, video game, corporate email, and entertainment on demand markets. Video and AAPL stock chart below.

Apple is Crushing the Competition!
Apple rules the e Reader market
Apple rules the low end HD video market
Apple invades the corporate email market
Apple rules the video game market

"Apple is a diversified company with a brilliantly integrated product, distribution, and service strategy that works across markets and across functions. It rules! It crushes! Apple at $350 a share is just a matter of time."  

Below is the AAPL daily chart from the bottom of $78.20 on January 20, 2009 up through today's close of $259.78 on June 15, 2010. A 232% increase! What a ride!


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