Friday, July 16, 2010

Apple Offers Free iPhone 4 Cases (Videos) *Free bumper to all iPhone 4 purchasers*


Apple CEO Steve Jobs and the iPhone 4

Apple to give all iPhone 4 purchasers a free bumper to correct antenna problem

At the Apple press conference on July 16, Apple CEO Steve Jobs explains what is being done about the iPhone 4 and "Antennagate". First, iOS Version 4.0.1 has been released to fix a signal bar/meter issue and an email exchange bug. Second, every iPhone purchaser will be given a free bumper, i.e., a case, to correct the antenna problem that causes dropped calls.

(CNET) Apple CEO Steve Jobs tells reporters that iPhone 4 antenna problems have been blown out of proportion, but to keep customers happy the company will give away cases and bumpers for the device.

(CNET) Here is your iPhone 4 update! Apple addresses antenna issues in the iPhone 4 by giving away free bumper cases and allowing the penalty-free returns for 30 days after purchase. Natali Del Conte reports.

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