Friday, October 1, 2010

Apple TV Reviews (Videos) *What is & how does Apple TV work?*


Enhanced Apple TV was announced by CEO Steve Jobs at the Apple Special Event on September 1

Apple TV Reviews

Apple launched the enhanced Apple TV at the Apple Special Event on September 1. What is Apple TV? First and foremost, Apple TV allows consumers to stream content (movies, TV shows, including Netflix) directly from the Internet, instead of using a cable TV or satellite provider. Second, you can access other videos and photos on the Internet (e.g. YouTube). Third, you can view anything on your own computer (iTunes library, photos, videos).

As noted by Rich Jaroslovsky of Bloomberg News, "The new Apple TV is built around its ability to stream high definition content wirelessly over your home Wi-Fi network, whether its rented movies and TV shows from iTunes and Netflix that you can order straight from your television, purchased movies, music and photos that you store on your computer, or free online content from sources like YouTube and Pandora."

(Stuff Magazine) Lucy pops down in to London town for Apple's traditional September iPod event. It's good to have a hobby and seemingly Apple would agree as they've just refreshed Apple TV.

(PC Magazine) PCMag's Tim Gideon takes a quick look at Apple TV's new user interface.

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