Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Launches iPhone 4 in China (Video) *Long lines of customers*


Apple Launched the iPhone 4 in China on Saturday, September 25

Apple Launches iPhone 4 in China

Apple launched the iPhone 4 in China on Saturday, September 25 to long lines of customers. This followed the iPad launch the previous week on Friday, September 17 to, yep, long lines of customers. As with the iPad, the iPhone 4 had been available unofficially on the grey market.

This iPhone 4 launch was even  more dramatic than last week's iPad launch with reports of fights in the waiting lines of Chinese to get their hands on the ultimate smartphone. China Unicom is reporting 50,000+ were sold on the first day launch, 60,000+ have been delivered to customers, and that preorders have exceeded 200,000 sets. Prices in US Dollars are $700+.

Apple has been very, very busy in China this month as two new Apple stores were also opened on Saturday - in Beijing and Shanghai. Apple now has 4 stores in China with upwards of a minimum 25 planned. Undoubtedly Apple will build as many stores as sales justify.

China is not only the largest internet market in the world with a growing consumer base, but China is also the largest cell phone market in the world (800+ million subscribers). Apple's worldwide iPhone 4 (and iPad) sales should see a significant increase from the China launch. The high demand seems even higher for the iPhone 4 than the iPad. The Wall Street Journal is reporting China Unicom literally ran out of inventory on launch day.

As reported in the video below, Apple has a 7% smartphone market share in China behind Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson. Apple's market share undoubtedly will increase henceforth as the number of potential smartphone subscribers is staggering.

(MacWorld) Apple launched its iPhone 4 in China on Saturday, attracting a massive crowd of people to one of the company's new stores in Beijing. More than a thousand people waited outside the store, some in line for two days, to get their hands on the phone that went on sale at 8am.

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