Monday, April 19, 2010

Apple Reports Quarterly Earnings Today After Market Close!


(Update 1)

The Big Day is upon us, Apple reports March 31 quarterly financial performance and position on Tuesday, April 20, after market close (2:00 p.m. PDT/5:00 p.m. EDT).  Expectations are sky high.  Analysts estimates are $2.43/$2.45 earnings per share and $12 billion revenues.  More information will become available on Mac, iPod, and iPhone sales.  Apple's balance sheet will show incredible amounts of cash and cash equivalents, as in billions and billions - well over $40 billion?

Investors are expecting an update on iPad sales, which were rolled out in early April, right after the end of the March 31 quarter.  So, iPad sales will not be in the quarterly financial report until the June 30 quarter.

Here are 3 articles on the Apple earnings preview:

Apple Press Release Regarding Conference Call: FY 10 Second Quarter Results Conference Call

Regardless of the market's reaction, based on stratospheric expectations, to this quarterly report, AAPL is going to $300+ eventually.  A short-term pullback in the stock is certainly possible as a result of today's report and even because of general market sentiment, but the intermediate-term and long-term trend for AAPL is bullish and up.


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